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6:31 PM

New To This

Posted by Richard Turner |

Well, this is my first blog. I've never bothered with things like this due to my utter lack of things to write about. Now that I'm in culinary school, I've found tons of things to write about, discuss, and ponder over.
So! A little about me, my name is Richard Turner, I'm in culinary school (as I've stated about six thousand times on this thing so far,) and absolutely loving it! Before culinary school, I'd never even touched a stove, oven, or any equipment in the kitchen. Wonderful person to go into the culinary field, yes? Now, eight months into my education, I can operate an oven! I've even developed knife skills! Big deal, I know, but to me it's a massive accomplishment that pushes me further towards my goal of becoming a chef!
Although, The real reason I'm using this blog is to gain feedback, ideas, and make contacts and friends throughout the culinary world. I can't wait to post my ideas, pictures, and even rants and raves about all I've learned! I can't wait to get you all interested in what I'm doing and see your feedback, and look forward to hopefully talking to all of you who read this!



Travis said...

Never blogged before dude.Looking forward to the feed back. Excellant idea.

Richard said...

Thanks man! It's Cass' idea and I'm just taking it and running with it!

Ryan said...

i want you cook for me, i no pay til satisfied.

Richard said...

Shhh, you no pay because you're an amigo!

Travis said...

"My New Orleans" the new cookbook by awarding winning Chef John Besh, is absolutely amazing. simple basic ingredients taken to the next creole level.

Richard Turner said...

I'd love to see it/check it out at school sometime soon. Simplicity is what I like the most about things, overly complex foods honestly just don't interest me all that much.

Travis said...

Dude. the fruit sauce u made today in class was AWESOME. You could really pair the sauce with virtually anything savory or sweet. the flavors i thought were perfectly balanced. the perfect combo of tart and sweet. without offending anyone could i suggest using a little lime juice or lime zest for a little bit of acidity. gotta get the recipe. 2 thumbs up on the bacon wrapped grouper.

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